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A Voyage to Hope


The series is a celebration of hope.  Each painting is an exploration of a different facet of my expanding joy in creativity.  The compostions suggest a subtle strength of colour and form. Througout I have been experimenting with materials and applications, texture and tone, to emphasise certain effects in some areas whilst achieving everchanging effects in others. All paintings have a consistant theme of burnt orange, rich browns and metals and include scapes and representations which will come to life in a myriad of different ways for the viewer


Fire Series


I just love my materials.  Each of these red paintings is a play of depth and luminosity, created by the choice of rich red pigments and materials evolving layer upon layer.  The result is rich, luscious and fiery with subtle variations in depths that reveal different strengths according to the light. My aim is never simply to copy but to look beyond life. Each abstract brings forth a new vision and presents a unique experience.

I See The Light

This series celebrates finding myself as an artist. On a certain level, each painting presents a seascape each interpreted in diverse materials including gesso, marble dust, metals and resin. All the paintings in the series present subtle variations in texture which draw the eye towards the clam and peace of an horizon at twilight. 

Water Series

These take me back to my childhood spans of meditative wandering through my love of nature. As a group, the Waterfalls develop from being textured paintings, simulating water droplets, to paintings that verge towards a more Zen version of  the overall theme
. In the atmospheric scapes, different techniques are applied in diverse materials to achieve atmospheric effects which at times are reminiscent of the impressionist works of J.M.W. Turner and the more contemporary Jake Berthot. The Waterfalls are strong and meditative, yet restful and tranquil.

Air Series

A period of enlightenment - this series has a special meaning for me.  Whether splashing my paints with my typical pace around the painting or fixing my peices of silver leaf, each action contributes to a project that reflects a special time of self awareness and self acceptance.  In this group, the tones range between mauve and blue with touches and hints of metals that give a timeless effect of transparency and translucency to a similarly timeless theme. 

Earth Series


The Earths are a mixed media series which includes marble dust used to create textures and metal in both leaf and pigments. A calm meditative trend prevails. I once again make use of my childhood experiences to transmit feelings stimulated by such memories . In ‘Qbajjar Bay’ the viewer is taken back to my childhood of early summer-mornings on rocky shores with my father.

Eve and Beyond


An ode to female strength and beauty inspired by the role of the contemporary female in today's society. A woman today is expected to be, not just beautiful and intelligent, but perfectly functional, loving, career oriented and family nurturing. This is how I see and project my females; bold and strong like EMILIA, yet soft and enticing like MARCIA.


In this series I introduce a number of different materials and techniques. Some I execute in bold free strokes with numerous transparent pigmented layers over areas of luminous bright gold leaf to produce a rich bright jewel-like red. Others are executed in charcoal and graphite over prepared canvas and then tinted.




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