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Agatha Grima. The Artist - The Conservator

My world is one of creation, scientific investigation and experimentation.  My work is the result of my studies as a conservator, where I delved into studies in ancient techniques and methodologies, and scientific studies of materials, their properties and workability, and my creative nature. 


Each project is a quest towards my inner self.  Whether physically inspecting a Master's work of art, tailoring a treatment methodology, cleaning, or creating a painting of my own, I find myself getting lost in this fantastical world of ART.  Each project brings forth a new vision and celebrates a new area of consciousness.


In affinity with masters the likes of Kandinsky and the more recent Richter, I experience creating through the freedom that my materials offer, through tone, texture and rhythm as one may experience music.  Creating is the way I turn inwards.  My aim is to possibly lure my viewers into this world of perfection, to possibly move them into my experience.  And when a work is ready, it speaks perfection to me.  I am the happiest person on earth.


In conservation, on the other hand, all my knowledge is directed towards the work of Art under study.  Conservation is a discipline that merges into a number of other different fields, so I cherish the opportunity to collaborate, be it with my conservation colleagues, a professional photographer, art historian or conservation scientist. But above all I cherish the priviledge of working daily with wonderful pieces of Art.

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